Anti bullying Week & Friendship Café 🍪🧁🍿🍌🍇🍓💕🤝

During November, we celebrated Friendship and Completed lessons on Anti-bullying. These lessons as outlined by the Department of Education facilitate pupils to understand how being kind can help everyone to prevent and address bullying in school and to help make sure that all children are safe and happy in school.
Pupils were able to:
•Discuss what bullying is and how it might make someone feel.
•Understand the importance of being kind to others, what kind behaviour is and ways in which kindness can be demonstrated to help prevent and address bullying.
•Contribute to a new or updated “kindness” value statement for our school.

We discussed what kindness looks like and feels like as we created a pathway to Kindness! 🙌🏼💕👣 The pupils made a great effort including everyone in class and on the yard.
The highlight was of course a fabulous Friendship Cafe theme on Friday afternoon with huge support from parents also.