Meet Mojo!

Each Friday Mojo goes home with the student of the week. The student of the week also gets a cert and a trophy. Mojo is very popular in the classroom. Mojo is very comforting when a child is sick or upset and loves a few cuddles from them. 

Children of Lir diary entries?

Some of  1st and 2nd class writing about Lir, Aoife and the children of Lir.

The dentist and teeth?✨??‍⚕️

In conjunction with the Aistear theme the dentist, the class did some  lovely work about teeth.

Jolly Phonics?✏️??

Junior and senior infants are busy learning their Jolly Phonics everyday. The Jolly Phonic programme teaches the students the letter sounds or phonics through jingles, songs and storytelling. Each phonic has an action. 

The children take part in interactive play on the whiteboard and written work. A huge part of the programme is oral work where they identify sounds, segment them and blend them together. All sounds are repeated every day.

September and October 2017 Art??✂️✏️?