Arctic Adventures ❄️❄️🐻‍❄️☃️🐧

Over the last few weeks the children in the Junior room have enjoyed learning about the Arctic and the different types of animals that live there. The children explored the different types of weather experienced in this Polar region such as chilly days and nights, snow and ice. We discussed what type of clothing would be suitable to wear in the Arctic and they all suggested wooly hats, scarfs, boots, fleeces, warm coats and gloves!

I asked the children what they would like to do in the Arctic and they all said they would love to make snowmen and have snowball fights along with meeting all the Arctic animals that we learned about over the last number of weeks!

The children really enjoyed learning about Polar Bears, Arctic foxes, Arctic hares, lemmings, deers, seals, orca whales, snowy owls, and huskies. We learned that the type of homes found in the Arctic are called igloos and Eskimos live there. The children also learned about penguins even though they are found in the South Pole but they were very eager that we covered that topic in class!

The children have also enjoyed creating some lovely Arctic and Winter scenes using their playdough and the playdough maths.