Do You Dare ?🕷️ 🦇 👁️ 🧛‍♂️ 🧙 👻 Halloween Sensory Challenge 📦

The Halloween Mystery Box Challenge was an absolute blast! Mrs O’Shea set up the challenge in her classroom with boxes hiding mysterious, squishy, and slimy surprises, each one carefully curated to induce shivers down the spine.

Eyes were closed and the excitement was palpable as pupils tentatively reached into each box, trying to identify the eerie contents.

Giggles and squeals filled the air as fingers grazed over banana peels, mistaken for wizard tongues , and olives disguised as zombie eyeballs to name but a few. Laughter erupted when someone mistook cooked noodles for tangled ghostly guts!

It was a Halloween sensory adventure that had everyone thoroughly entertained and left us all in stitches. The joy of that playful and suspenseful challenge made the Halloween celebration extra special!