Food Dudes 🍎🍌🫐🫑

What is the Food Dudes Programme? 

October – we have been taking part in another phase of Food Dudes !

Food Dudes is Ireland’s national healthy eating programme for primary schools. It works by positively changing children’s attitudes towards eating fresh fruit and vegetables. This is achieved by combining three key elements – repeated tasting, rewards and role modelling – on a recurring 3-year cycle.

Pupils have been tasting foods , some that they really didn’t like ! Food Dudes offers children a variety of different fruits and vegetables to try on rotation in an exciting, encouraging way. Across the 3-year cycle, children’s palettes are expanded as they sample an assortment of fresh produce and begin to add new foods to their diet. Each day , new fruit and veg is delivered and the recyclable packaging is collected.

Well done to everyone. 👏🏻