Genius Hour Presentation Day 🗣️

Well done to some of our senior classroom pupils who delivered their Genius Hour English presentations this week👏🏼

It’s wonderful to see students engaging in projects that allow them to explore their own interests and share their knowledge with their peers.

Oral language skills and the ability to speak to an audience are incredibly valuable in primary school for several reasons:

Communication Skills:Developing strong oral language skills is fundamental to effective communication. Students learn how to express their thoughts, ideas, and feelings clearly and confidently, which is crucial not only in the academic context but also in their daily lives.

Confidence Building:Speaking in front of an audience, even a classroom of peers, helps build confidence. This early exposure to public speaking can empower students to express themselves without fear of judgment, laying the foundation for self-assured individuals.

Critical Thinking:Preparing and delivering speeches or presentations forces students to think critically about their chosen topics. It encourages them to organize their thoughts, research, and analyze information, which are vital skills for problem-solving and decision-making.

Active Listening: In addition to speaking, students also learn the art of active listening when they engage in audience roles. This teaches them to pay attention, ask questions, and provide constructive feedback, enhancing their overall communication abilities.

Empathy and Understanding:When students present to their peers, they learn to appreciate diverse perspectives, interests and experiences. This promotes empathy, tolerance, and a deeper understanding of the world around them.

Preparation for the Future: Effective oral communication is a lifelong skill. 

In primary school, the emphasis on oral language skills and speaking to an audience lays a strong foundation for a lifetime of effective communication and personal growth.