Grandparents Day 2020

Each year, one day of Catholic Schools Week is designated as the day when the school community celebrates the contribution of grandparents. Grandparents do so much to help raise and nurture their grandchildren. They can play a massive part in helping to pass on the Christian faith to the next generation. They deserve our respect and gratitude for all that they do.

Our grandparents are a special gift in our lives. They watch over us as we grow and are often some of the most important teachers in our lives. They deserve to be appreciated and cared for and we must always show them the respect and dignity that they show us.

The pupils did art & crafts, interviews, recalled memories and did lots of other activities in the build up to this special day. We were thrilled to see so many grandparents share the day with us and appreciate the effort it takes.

Please pass on our gratitude to all who attended especially those who travelled long distances. Thank you to all the parents who supplied treats for the day and who helped out with the catering.

We also used Mentimeter software on our iPads & laptops to explore thoughts on Grandparents.

Mentimeter is an easy to use online platform for voting and collaborating, primarily used  to support engaging presentations.  It’s also used in an educational setting and can easily be introduced during a session to quiz students via a range of different question methods.  These include a word cloud, multiple choice, scales, matrix, open-ended and many more question types.

Below is a small summary in the form of a word cloud.