Maths week 2022 in the Junior room

This week in school we celebrated maths week and the children were very busy using their ‘maths eyes’ around the classroom and out in the yard. What are our ‘maths eyes’? Well, when we put on these eyes they allow us to view the world in a more creative mathematical way! We all know what a door is but when we put on our ‘maths eyes’ we can see that the door is in fact in the shape of a rectangle! We also spotted that the roof of our school is in the shape of a triangle! The children enjoyed coming in after break time telling the class all about the shapes they saw outside.

We also had great fun playing snakes and ladders where the children were in groups counting and taking turns. Out in the yard as part of our PE lesson the children made patterns with some cones and the senior infants told me they made ‘a perfect rainbow’ out of the cones which can be seen in the pictures below.

The biggest hit of maths week was when we made some shape monsters as part of a maths and art lesson. The children enjoyed exploring different shapes such as triangles, circles, squares, rectangles and even hexagons to create their wonderful shape monsters!!

Overall maths week was a brilliant success and we cannot wait for maths week 2023!

Snakes and ladders
Snakes and ladders
A perfect rainbow
Shape Monsters