Science week 2022 in the Junior classroom

This week we celebrated science week in school. Science week was a fun week of learning and carrying out experiments inside and outside the classroom…(for safety reasons!!). Throughout the week we discussed and explored the different strands in science of living things, energy and forces, materials and environmental care and awareness. The children we were very busy conducting and observing many experiments. The first one we did was growing a gummy bear. We placed a gummy bear into a glass of water and observed it growing, however the children who filled their glasses with lukewarm water from the tap noticed that their gummy bear shrunk as the day went on and it eventually disappeared!

The children then observed Ms. Kirby place Mentos into Diet coke to cause a volcanic eruption where everyone had to stand back incase they got wet….Ms. Kirby got a little greedy and tried adding more Mentos into the second bottle of diet coke and ended up soaking herself!!

The children enjoyed placing some raisins into a glass of water and baking soda and then carefully added some vinegar to create our dancing raisins. The reaction caused between baking soda and vinegar created bubbles in the water to enable the raisins to float up and down making them look like they were dancing.

The children then enjoyed creating spiders out of paper and cable ties and using straws to move them by blowing air onto the spider. Don’t worry all the spiders were very friendly! The children really enjoyed this activity and I think Bernie our SNA found it very enjoyable too..

On the final day of science week the children investigated what would happen if we placed vinegar and food colouring into a glass along with bread soda….Well this caused an enormous volcano like eruption and was a big hit with everyone in the class!