Spring Nature Walk

We went on a Spring nature walk on Monday in Caherdaniel. The children looked at various plants, insects, flowers and animals. They completed a checklist of what they saw I.e. ivy, daffodils, moss, birds, nests etc. The children really enjoyed this activity. They focused on what they could see, smell, touch and hear.

We also went to the playground grounds to take in the scenery. The children were asked to focus on the landscape in front of them and they drew what they could see. They created some wonderful pictures. They noticed the mountains, the sea, the beach, the wildlife, the greenery and the flowers.

We also enjoyed our lunch in the garden on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The sun was so bright the children couldn’t keep their eyes open ??

On Tuesday we went on a sensory nature walk. We took note of the things we saw, smelt, touched and heard. The children drew what they discovered in the playground.