Our new Aistear Area 2019

We have updated our Aistear in the Junior room. The Junior and Senior Infants have access to a wide variety of toys to play with.

We have a new puppet show and hand puppets. We use them for drama and role play. This helps the children to use their imagination, build their confidence when speaking publicly, interpersonal skills and turn taking. They also expand their vocabulary as they are given set themes to focus on.

We also have a shop and cash register for the children to use. They learn to recognize money, manipulate it and use it in an informal way.

We have a writing station in our classroom. It helps the children to practice their letter and number formation through the use of various mediums i.e. chalk on a blackboard, markers on a whiteboard and a sand tray.

The children also have access to:

* Sand pit and toys

* Lego

* Blocks

* Straws

* Play dough and tools

* Wooden doll house and furniture

* Puzzles

* Jigsaws

* Small world play and mats

* Kitchen and play food, utensils, crockery, cutlery, menus

* Dolls and accessories

* Reading corner with beanbags and cushions

We add to our Aistear area all the time and the children really enjoy it!

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