‘I am’ programme with Nikki Roberts

“I AM”– Integrating Art & Mindfulness.

The children are taking part in the “I Am” program that explores the importance of leading a holistic lifestyle and how to integrate it simply into their daily routine. This course provides the children with tools to support their own positive mental health and wellbeing through the medium of art and meditative practices.

The “I AM” course is a gentle and thought provoking course that offers the child calm, relaxing and peaceful meditations through the use of self-soothing techniques and exercises to allow introspective and contemplative reflection.

“I AM” seamlessly integrates with both the Visual Arts and SPHE curriculum. The course considers how art, meditation and mindfulness can be used to manage stress, increase one’s ability to cope in challenging situations and build mental and emotional resilience.

We have set up a feelings table in our classroom containing tools we have made i.e. I am affirmations, zendalas, water crystals and breathing diagrams.

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